"Limit Your Catch – Don’t Catch Your Limit!"

Sure, anglers know their home fishing holes like the back of their hands, and it's true that some of them rarely divulge their favorite fly-fishing spots. Experienced anglers posses the knowledge of what fly or bait to use and when to use it. They also know where the hardcore, on-the-water-at-4 a.m. people go before the rest of us even think about getting up and heading out. What you may not know is where to find those honey-holes while on vacation in the Adirondacks. Here are some secrets to help you tap into that local knowledge and get you on the fish quickly.

Plan Ahead and Go Local

Before you hit the road, do a little legwork. Spend some time on the internet, but if you go local you will be amazed at what you find. Many times the visitors center or the local fishing guide shop will post great information for anglers, so you’ll likely track down what’s biting when and get a good idea about the proper bait and gear you’ll need. 

Tips to Finding Secret Fishing Spots

  • Don’t always believe what you hear or read about a river or lake. Fisheries change over time. River courses are often altered by storms, ponds are created by beavers, and fish populations can change. 
  • Anglers alter the truth — parts of a river can remain un-fished for a long time.
  • Find access via lesser-used trails and old logging roads. 
  • Look for areas where the river or lake is difficult to acces, like a steep bank. Tough-to-reach water means the fish are likely less targeted, bigger, and less easily spooked.
  • Don’t assume that heavy hiking pressure means heavy fishing pressure.
  • Even heavily fished streams have lesser-used sections. Consider taking a 10-minute walk further up river, down river, or around the lake.
  • Find lakes and streams by following feeder trails off of loop trails.
  • Look for waterfalls. Waterfalls have pools that typically hold larger fish.
  • Locate flows in to and out of lakes and rivers. Often anglers fish lakes and ignore the productive water of the feeder creeks.
  • Look for springs. The nearby river gets more water, can increase in size, and has better water quality.
  • Bushwhacking where there are no trails can lead to surprisingly good trout water.


Our map of the Ausable River points out many of the fishing hot spots, giving you great ideas about where to start your fishing trip in the Adirondacks! Click below to download the map.

Fly Fishing Map

Listing Results

Owen Pond

Listed as one of the top brown trout waters in Essex County, Owen Pond was reclaimed in 1952 and remains an excellent fishery. The state ...
Location: Lake Placid, New York

Hearn Swamp and Middle Kilns Brook

Hearn Swamp parallels Forestdale Road to the north and can be seen well from the road. Most of the approaches will require off-trail ...
Location: Wilmington, New York

Taylor Pond

This remote spot is a favorite for anglers and naturalists. 10 acres of developed campground is surrounded by over 8,000 acres of Wild ...
Location: Au Sable Forks, New York

Franklin Falls Flow

This impoundment of the Saranac River offers a wide variety of species. The 455-acre lake features an irregular shoreline with numerous ...
Location: Bloomingdale, New York

Connery Pond

Just outside the village of Lake Placid, quiet Connery Pond will offer you a wilderness experience without a huge hike, and some nice ...
Location: Lake Placid, New York

Ausable River

Fly fishing at its best! This world famous river has crystal waters and plenty of boulders where the fish like to hide. Size: 12 miles. ...
Location: Wilmington, New York

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