Connery Pond

The carry is a bit narrow with odd footing, but is a short distance where conditions are less of an issue. A boat that drafts less water can be put in at the outlet, part way up the carry trail, but it is typically to shallow especially in the fall of the year. The launch area at the outlet can be very wet where careful footing is needed, on a good note it can be loaded with wild cranberries.

A short 1 minute carry puts you on the grassy shore of Connery Pond with spectacular views of Whiteface Mountain. You'll be hard pressed to keep totally dry as the last 40' of the carry is across the wet sandy shore.

While out on the lake be sure to look for great blue herons fishing in the grassy shallows and red winged blackbirds at the north shore. There is typically a large duck population on this pond and moose tracks have been seen along shore. Loons frequent the water but be sure to give them their space, especially if a nest is nearby.

At the northern end of the lake there is an outlet for Long Pond. Once you find the outlet there is a very obscure carry of about 0.2 miles to this very remote, shallow body of water. The carry is on the east side of the outlet.

Size in length:

Roughly 0.7 miles from launch to NE shore

0.6 miles to Long Pond Carry

How to get there:

From the intersection of Route 73 and Route 86 in Lake Placid, follow Route 86 toward Wilmington. Continue for just under 3-miles to the Connery Pond Road (dirt) on the left. Drive to the end (0.75 miles). You will see the Connery Pond carry on your right and a small 2 car parking area next to it. You'll find other pull offs along the road, some on public land and some not. Please respect any private property.

Type of launch:

Short carry of less than 0.25 miles

Type of water:

Flat with mostly calm conditions, no motor boats

Route 86
Lake Placid,
New York
(518) 523-2445
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