Whiteface Mountain via the Reservoir


In Wilmington from the four-way stop sign follow Route 431 (Whiteface Mountain Road). Follow here for 0.6 miles to Reservoir Road on the left. Drive this a short distance to the trailhead. 


From the trailhead you will hike through an attractive open forest along a well-trodden foot trail. The grade isn’t too steep but it is very steady. This trail section will bring you to just below the summit Marble Mountain at the intersection with the trail from the Atmospheric Science Research Center. From the intersection continue straight ahead. After a short break on a flatter section you will start a demanding climb through an evergreen forest that opens up a few views along the way. After about 1.5 miles you will come to the herd-path to Esther Mountain. Continuing straight the climb relaxes a bit after a short descent before it climbs steeply to the Whiteface Memorial Highway. The trail leaves the roadside immediately and climbs steeply up to an open ridge with amazing views. You will continue the ridge to the summit of Whiteface where you will be greeted in awe by all those who drove up.  



Round-trip Distance:

11.4 miles

Approximate Round Trip time:

Family with Young Kids:     Not recommended

Experienced Hiker:         7 to 8 hours

Out of Shape Hiker:     8 to 9 hours

Route 431
New York
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