Winter Forest Bathing
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This winter, we invite you on a unique getaway into the amazing beauty of our Adirondack winter wonderland. Let us guide you on outdoor experiences that foster your sense of tranquility, build your resilience and strengthen your sense of place in nature. We will help you slow down and heighten your senses. The forest will do the rest...inviting you to escape, relax and restore your sense of wellbeing.

Our certified and licensed guides are available 7 days a week to lead you on Winter Forest Bathing sensory immersions in nature. Snowshoes included. Visit our website for more information or call us at 518-637-2963 or 518-651-6560.

COVID-19 Measures:

Our experiences are held outdoors, in nature and we have taken the following measures to keep us all healthy:

Private trips only, individuals, couples and groups from the same social distancing pod. Group size is limited to 7 people maximum.

Mask on hand during trips and required when we meet other people on trails. Hand sanitizer station to clean your hands upon arrival and departure. Should you need assistance with equipment, when we may need to be closer than 6 feet from each other, your guide will be wearing a mask. All equipment is sanitized after every trip and a detailed cleaning log is kept.

We have adapted our cancellation policy to include exceptions for valid COVID-19 situations.

Reservations: required, minimum 24 hours. 

(518) 651-6560
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