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Mountain Lake PBS has collected to support parents, families and educators.

1. We've updated our broadcast schedule to offer more educational programming for students of all ages. Attached as s PDF is this week's schedule. We're considering expanding the programs for students in middle to high school even further, from 11 AM - 5 PM. We hope this programming will be especially helpful to those without broadband access.  

2. We have lots of resources collected on our education page -- supporting distance learning through PBS LearningMedia, full episodes of programs to view online, creative activity suggestions for parents, and more at

3. We have curated PBS LearningMedia collections sorted by topic area in a google drive folder. Lots of great stuff in here, including a sheet of virtual field trips available. This is especially helpful for educators transitioning to distance learning curriculums. 

4. We just launched a new project called #MyOwnMuseum, with the idea that we can view our own homes like museums. Our engagement team just did our own show-and-tell video of our Home Museums. I hope you'll consider participating! More info and samples here:


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