Ausable Two Fly Challenge
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Thu, 05/18/23, Fri, 05/19/23, Sat, 05/20/23

Ausable River Two Fly Challenge

The Ausable River Two-Fly Challenge was founded to celebrate the joy of fishing, spirit of sportsmanship, preservation of the Ausable River, and natural wonders of the Whiteface Region.

What To Expect: Thursday evening kicks off with Beer, Band and Bonfires at the Town Beach -Featuring live music and local food trucks. A night to feel the local flavor while relaxing by the Ausable and catching up with old friends. Friday morning is a day of AWESOME fishing the West Branch of the Ausable followed by the Fly Tyer's Reception. - At the event you will get to grab some grub, enjoy some local music and tell you tales of the day while learning new techniques from our talented tyers. Saturday starts out with another GREAT day on the water with another shot at getting your prized trout. The evening concludes with the Annual 2 Fly Banquet.

Bowman Lane
New York
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Route 86
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