Flume Trails

The Wilmington Flume Trail System has around 8.0 miles of trails in total. These trails are a multi-purpose open to mountain biking, hiking, trail running, skiing, snowshoeing, and pretty much whatever else you can do without the use of a motor vehicle.

16 different trails make up the Flume. With this many options there is sure to be a trail for you. Each trail offers different terrain and difficulty and when combined with one another the loops are almost countless. Keep in mind that some of these trails are very steep and often narrow. The Flume Knob Trail (11) and the Bears Den Mountain Trail (12) are not recommended for anything in winter other than snowshoeing.

XC Skiing is an excellent outdoor recreation that one can enjoy here as well, but remember the trails are shared with snowshoers and we don’t want any collisions or fender benders. With the multitude of trails and loops available here, you can ski all winter not make the same loop twice. Keep in mind that most of these trails are better late season trails once a good base is produced.    

Distance Round Trip:

Dependent on loop chosen

Approximate Time Round Trip:

Time depends on what route and loop chosen to explore.

Trailhead Location:

From the intersection of Route 86 and Route 431 (Whiteface Memorial Highway), follow Route 86 toward Lake Placid. Continue for just under 2.0 miles to the Wilmington Wild Forest Flume Trail System Trailhead on your right.

Difficulty: 1=easiest, 5=hardest

Difficulty will range anywhere from a one to a four, depending on route chosen.

Additional Important Information:

Some trails in the system are a bit difficult; choose your trail to your ability.  

Route 86
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