A cultural day in Jay
A great thing about the Adirondacks is how we can provide the unexpected. So often you can find our meticulous plans getting derailed by weather. Or maybe once you arrive you discover unplugging appeals more than revving up. Fortunately, we can provide both.Many people come to enjoy our great outdoors, but there's also what you might call our great indoors. We have plenty of natural history … [Read More]
JEMS is a GEM in Jay, New York
Most of the time when you mention “JEMS” outside of Jay, New York, you’ll get a puzzled look in return. But mention it in the Town of Jay and faces light up. JEMS stands for Jay Entertainment and Music Society. According to Heather Benfield, publicity director, JEMS was founded in 1987 to bring cultural events and much more to the town of Jay.  I would say they’ve succeeded quite nicely so … [Read More]
Behind the Scenes at the Upper Jay Art Center
Behind the Scenes at the Upper Jay Art Center
I’m here in Upper Jay amidst the hubbub of rehearsal for an original play by Upper Jay Art Center (UJAC) artistic director, Scott Renderer. Scott, who is a former NYC Wooster Group actor, is also featured in the play which is titled: “Nick (A Christmas Pageant)” and will premiere at UJAC on Dec. 19, 20 and 21.It’s an unusual mix of real-life and fiction as well as an homage to most of the plays … [Read More]

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